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Saturday September 19


Held at Baxter’s Trucking Yard 4881 William Hastings Line Crosshill, for area consignors on:


Saturday Sept 19 at 9:30 AM

Highlights include: horse drawn machinery including Ontario 15 run grain planter; McCormick 2 furrow plow; stainless steel Crystal Spring wet/dry pig feeders; quantity of new secondary steel, inc 3x3 and 5x5  angle iron , 8in piping, 6x4, 5x2, 8x3 tubing, 10hp pressure washer; exhaust fans; JD 7000 4 row corn planter with dry fertilizer; Diesel plate construction compacter ,Lucknow 3pth 6ft snow blower welder; quantity of child’s wagons; carts; lawn and garden carts; chain saw bars; sinewave combined inverter and charger; led lights; Kubota engine running order; new water bowls, SMV signs, miniature horse cart, 6 section diamond harrow and pole, miscellaneous truck lights; flares; tool boxes; winch; woodworking equipment; quantity of new; hand; power; and lawn and garden tools. Wagon loads of misc farm and shop items.


Note: Partial list only, COVID 19 restrictions apply.

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